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Cervical Laminoplasty

For patients with painfully restricted spinal canals in their necks, this procedure immediately relieves pressure by creating more space for the spinal cord and roots. The technique is often called an open-door laminoplasty because the back of the vertebra is made to swing open like a door.

Spinal stenosis is a condition in which there is a narrowing of the spinal canal and often the neural foramen. This compresses the spinal cord and nerve roots. This narrowing is caused by many factors including bone spurs, degeneration of the intervertebral disks and facet joints, and thickening of the ligaments.

Laminaplasty is a procedure intended to relieve pressure on the spinal cord while maintaining the stabilizing effects of the posterior elements of the vertebrae.

The laminaplasty procedure involves hinging one side of the posterior elements of the spine and cutting the other side to form a “door.”

By relieving pressure on the spinal cord, the laminaplasty stops the progression of damage to the spinal cord and allows for as much recovery of function as possible.