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Office Procedures


It is customary that payment be made for our services at the time of your visit. Your first visit can be paid by cash, check, Visa or MasterCard.

Prescriptions and Refills

All prescriptions and requests for refills will be considered only during regular business hours. Due to surgical schedules and emergency call, please request refills early enough to allow 72 hours for us to have them approved by the physician. No prescriptions will be refilled on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.


If you have any forms (SSI, mortgage, disability, etc.) that need to be filled out by the physician, you will need to bring them or mail them to our office along with a $20 payment for the form fee. Due to the physician’s busy clinic and surgery schedules, please allow three to five days for these to be filled out. We apologize, but when the physician is in clinic, his focus is on seeing patients in a timely fashion. Therefore, we cannot complete forms during your appointment.

Copy Fees

The charge for copies of a patient’s medical records is $5 for the first five pages and an additional $.25 for each additional page, plus any postage charges that apply.